Just $35 For Most Speeding Tickets in Belton MO


Most people do hire an attorney to handle their Belton MO speeding tickets.  They don’t consider it necessary (especially something that they believe can be handled all by themselves).  And it is true that you don’t have to retain the services of an attorney to help you with your traffic ticket.  But it is by far the most efficient, easy, and cheapest route to take.  Why?  Let me explain below:

It should be pointed out right off the bat that when people represent themselves (on a Belton MO speeding ticket, or a criminal infraction), they almost always end up pleading guilty to the underlying charge.  This is usually because they have no idea that their actions will lead to an admission of guilt.  For instance, did you know that simply paying the fine (listed on the back of your traffic citation) is the same thing as pleading guilty to the ticket?  But this is not the course of action you want to take!!  Because pleading guilty will lead to points being assessed to your permanent driving record.  This in turn will jack your automobile insurance through the roof!


In the alternative, you could roll the dice and represent yourself in court.  But believe me when I tell you that you are likely going to consider such a thing as a complete waste of your precious time.  Why?  Because after waiting for a very lengthy period of time before your name is called, the judge will simply ask you how you plead to the charge.  Most people believe that this will be their opportunity to state their case (and see if they can’t get out of the ticket altogether).  But the judge could care less what your story is (at least in this part of the process).  Instead, the judge will cut you off and restate the question:  How do you plead?  Guilty or not guilty?  It is at this point that folks begin to look like a deer caught in the proverbial headlights.  At this juncture, you can either plead guilty (and walk away with points on your record), or set the matter for trial (to be held at a later date).


Having read this information, you can probably begin to see why I think it is much more efficient to simply hire us!!  If we are hired, it would be highly unlikely that you would need to appear in court (because we would handle all of it for you).  Our main goal will be to get your moving violation reduced down to a non-moving violation.  Why?  Because a non-moving violation does not come with any points to your driving record.  So give us a call, and we will get started on your case right away!

The affordable Kansas City Missouri traffic ticket lawyers at Brinkman & Alter, LLC have been taking care of people’s traffic tickets and warrants for over ten (10) years.  We specialize in making sure that your record stays clean, your insurance rates remain the same, and that you are free to travel about in your car as you please.  And we want to do it all at an affordable price.  The fees for recalling a standard arrest warrant are $150.  The fees for a typical traffic ticket start at $35.  But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge.  So contact us today to learn more!!

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