Holding Someone Accountable in a St. Louis, MO Wrongful Death Lawsuit


When someone very close to you dies because of the wrongdoing (or negligence) of someone else, it is a tragic event.  It is a time of grief and sorrow when families pull together to give support and love.  But this is also a period of time that is filled with questions.  Questions such as:  How could this have happened?, Why did this event occur?, and most importantly, Who is responsible for what has happened?

This is precisely what a St. Louis wrongful death action seeks to do:  MAKE SURE THAT THE PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS UNFORTUNATE DEATH IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. 

Let’s look at a few specific examples in which we might determine who is to be held accountable for the loss of your loved one:

1.    Your wife is involved in a motor vehicle accident in which a drunk driver hit her automobile.  This accident is the direct cause of her death.   The person who drove the vehicle while intoxicated may be subject to a wrongful death suit.  (In addition, if the intoxicated driver had been over-served by an drinking establishment, then liability could extend to that entity as well)

2.    Your loved one is hit by a tractor-trailer, semi-truck (while a passenger in another vehicle, or as a pedestrian).  This accident is fatal.  The driver of the semi-truck holds a valid commercial driver’s license, but had been driving for 14 hours straight without a break.  In addition to the truck driver being possibly held liable, it is also possible that the company employing the driver is at fault as well (and therefore subject to a Missouri wrongful death suit).

3.    Your husband is struck by a person driving a rental car.  Your husband dies as a result.  But the driver of the rental car did not have insurance.  Aside from the driver of the rental car, there is a possible wrongful death case to be made against the rental car company who negligently entrusted the vehicle to him in the first place without proof of automobile insurance.

4.    A family member is riding a bicycle (or a scooter, or a motorcycle), and she is hit by a person driving an automobile.  The injuries that the family member sustains results in death.  The person driving the car (and perhaps the municipality in which the accident occurred) may be subject to a suit for wrongful death in St. Louis.

5.    Your son was lawfully operating watercraft of some sort (like an engine-powered boat).  A larger pleasure craft transporting many people for an onboard party cuts your child’s boat off (even though your son had the right-of-way).  In order to avoid a collision with the larger craft, your child swerves the boat quickly.  The boat flips as a result, and your child is killed.  The owner of the pleasure craft is possibly at fault for your son’s wrongful death.

6.    Your father works for an employer in which heavy, industrial equipment is maintained and handled.  While operating a piece of heavy machinery, he gets caught in the mesh of gears and pulled in.  The resultant injuries cause his untimely death.  It is learned that the supervisor of the prior shift had disabled the safety stop on that particular piece of equipment.  In this kind of situation, it is possible that the manufacturer of the equipment itself could be liable for wrongful death of your father.

No one can bring your loved one back (and no amount of money can make things right).  But if the death of your loved one was caused by the fault of someone else (who acted in a negligent fashion), then that person (or entity) should be held accountable for what has happened.  And we will not stop investigating and digging until we have determined who should shoulder that blame.


The St. Louis wrongful death lawyers at Brinkman & Alter, LLC understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one.  And we also recognize how emotionally trying it can be to get things in order and put the pieces back together.  But if your loved one died wrongfully, then we want to help.  Please do contact us today to learn more about the kinds of services we offer.

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