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Please do get in touch with us if you are dealing with a criminal charge in Grain Valley MO (or anywhere else in the greater Kansas City MO area).  Our team specializes in defending individuals with low-level misdemeanor cases (such as trespassing, stealing / theft, possession of marijuana, or assault).  We keep our fees for these services as low as possible, because we firmly believe in the idea that everyone (regardless of their economic circumstances) should have good, professional legal representation.  


Keeping our fees low is predicated on the fact that the vast majority of people do not have access to an attorney when they are charged in Grain Valley Missouri.  Instead, most folks end up representing themselves (this is referred to as “pro se”).  But the problem that frequently arises in this scenario is that self-represented folks usually do nothing more than plead guilty to the charge.  Why do people do this?  It is not because they are necessarily guilty of the crime (just because the municipality charges with an offense does not in and of itself mean that you are in fact guilty of it).  It is more often than not a choice that people make because they have no idea there is any other alternative. 


So let me set the scene for you:  You show up to night court at about 6:30pm, make your way through the metal detector, and are told to sit amongst a sea of people (who have also been charged with similar offenses).  Off to the side, you will see a very small group of well dressed men and women; these folks are the attorneys who are there to take care of the handful of people who could actually afford a lawyer; but the attorneys will be in and out in short order (because they are handled first before anybody else).  Eventually, the judge will take the bench, and you will be called to come forward (depending on what your last name is, because they generally go in alphabetical order).  Once you are at the podium, the judge will read the charges leveled against you, and ask how you plead.

Most folks believe this to be their opportunity to ask questions and/or present their side of the story.  But the judge will abruptly cut you off, because the only thing the judge wants in the moment is your plea:  guilty, or not guilty.  At this point, most people look like the proverbial “deer in the headlights” as they stand there silently.  The judge will probably describe your choices in a bit more detail, by saying something like this:  “You can plead not guilty, in which case will set this for a trial to held at a later date.  Or if you plead guilty, you get a small fine, and you can leave tonight.”  When people hear this last sentence, they will frequently believe that the Lord above has shined light upon them!  Only a small fine!  No jail time!!  So when this situation is presented to the individual, he or she will likely end up pleading guilty.

But that is where the real problems begin.  It is true that the vast majority of people do not actually do any time for a misdemeanor (because if you think about it, most municipalities simply do not have the resources or funds to jail even a fraction of the people they charge with a crime).  But a guilty plea will be converted into a criminal conviction on your permanent record (where it will stay forever).  So when you go to apply for a job (even one for which you are completely qualified), the potential employer will likely run a simple criminal background check (which are becoming more frequently used).  This report will reveal the conviction, and there is a good chance that you’ll be denied the job.  The same thing would go for that apartment you’ve got your eye on, the loan you are wanting to take out, and the hotel room you wish to stay in.

But it does not have to play out this way.  You do in fact have a different choice.  And it all starts by getting in touch with us.  We would be happy to discuss your case in detail, give you our honest appraisal of the situation, and tell you all about our services.  In many cases, we can work closely with the local prosecutor to get the charges reduced to a lesser infraction (so that nothing shows up on your record).

The affordable Kansas City MO criminal defense attorneys at Brinkman & Alter, LLC, have been helping people with their misdemeanor charges for over ten (10) years.  Our goal is to make sure that the charges leveled against you do not stay on your permanent record, and do any lasting damage.  And we want to do all of this at an affordable price.  The fees for a typical misdemeanor case start at $450.  But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge.  So contact us today!!

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