Finding Answers Regarding the Loss of Your Loved One in a St. Louis, MO Wrongful Death Case


When someone close to you passes (a spouse, or a child, or some other family member), the tragedy of this event can be devastating.  Indeed, the pain one feels after the loss of a family member is simply incalculable.  You can often feel helpless and without power. 

But when their death was a result of the negligence of someone (or something) else, then you want answers.  In fact, you will demand that answers be provided to some basic questions: 

1.    How did this happen to my loved one?
2.    What were the circumstances that lead to his/her death?  
3.    Have the same set of circumstances that led to his/her death happened before?
4.    And how can such a tragedy be prevented from happening to anyone else?

This is what a St. Louis wrongful death lawsuit seeks to do:  IT IS A WAY TO FIND ANSWERS, TO UNCOVER THE TRUTH, AND TO TRY AND STOP IT FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN. 

Our team will conduct a lengthy, in-depth investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one.  Will we ask the questions, demand the truth, and get to the bottom of what has happened.  And if there is a potential claim to file on your behalf, then we will make sure that you understand how the process works, give you a good idea as to the likelihood of success, and answer all of your questions fully.

The St. Louis wrongful death lawyers at Brinkman & Alter, LLC understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one.  And we also recognize how emotionally trying it can be to get things in order and put the pieces back together.  But if your loved one died wrongfully, then we want to help.  Please do contact us today to learn more about the kinds of services we offer.

We have two main locations:  in the Central West End of St. Louis, at 1 North Taylor (on the corner of Taylor and Laclede), 63108;  and in the Twin Cities of Festus / Crystal City, at 1000 Truman Blvd (Highway 61/67), 63019.  

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